Lapgrade Charger for Samsung Np-n210-jp01de Np-n210-jp02de Np-n210p

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Model No: 40-190210-30

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  1. Grade A Quality with Taiwan IC, makes the Adapter performs very stable
  2. Led Power Indicator
  3. Lapgrade Logo Embossing on Housing ensures pure PC fireproofing material.
  4. Over Current protection feature protect the charging Laptop / notebook from getting high current. .  Range: 130°±10%
  5. Over Voltage protection feature Protect the charging Laptop / notebook from getting high voltage. Range: 110%-130%
  6. Quality chipset prevents voltage surge to damage the Laptop / Notebook.
  7. Thick Color box packing & bubble packing of charger ensures safety of product
  8. Unique Serial numbers on every Charger / box .

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Compatible Models

Samsung NC10 Series:NC10,NP-NC10,NP-ND10, N110-12PBK (NP-N110-KA01US), N120-12GBK (NP-N120-KA01US), N120-12GW (NP-N120-KA02US), N120-13GBL (NP-N120-KA04US), N130-13B (NP-N130-KA04US), NC10-11GP (NP-NC10-KA04US), NC10-12PWBK (NP-NC10-WAS1US), NC10-13GB (NP-NC10-KB02US), NC10-13P (NP-NC10-KB03US), NC10-14GB (NP-NC10-KA02US), NC10-14GBK (NP-NC10-KA03US), NC10-14GW (NP-NC10-KA01US), NC20-21GBK (NP-NC20-KA02US), NF210 Series, Samsung Go Jet Black (N310-13GBK) (NP-N310-KA05US), Samsung Go Midnight Blue (N310-13GB) (NP-N310-KA04US), Samsung Go Mint Blue (N310-13GMB) (NP-N310-KA07US), Samsung Go Sunset Orange (N310-13GO) (NP-N310-KA06US)