Lapgrade Battery For HP 6720S,6820S

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Model No: GJ655AA




  1. Lapgrade battery manufactured by seasoned staffs that are familiar with the battery industry and has a passion for innovating, developing and bringing next generation products and technologies to the market.
  2. High quality Chipset technology protects the motherboard and battery from short circuit.
  3. Over Voltage protection feature Protect the charging laptop ROM getting high voltage
  4. Over Current protection feature Protect the charging device from getting high current
  5. Thick Color box packing & anti-static packing of battery ensures safety of product.
  6. Unique Serial numbers on every Charger / box

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Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity



268.40 x 14.70 x 20.25mm

Compatible Models

Compaq 510, 511, 610, Compaq Business Notebook 6720s, 6720S/CT, 6730S, 6735S, 6730S/CT, 6820S, 6830S

Compatible Part No's

hp 451085-141, hp 451086-121, hp 451086-161, hp 451568-001, hp 456864-001, hp 464119-361, hp 484787-001, hp gj655aa, hp hstnn-ib51, hp hstnn-ib52, hp hstnn-ib62, hp hstnn-ob62, hp hstnn-xb51, hp hstnn-xb52, hp hstnn-xb62, hp ku532aa, 451085-121, 451085-141, 451085-661, 451086-001, 451086-121, 451086-621, 451086-661, 451568-001, 456864-001, 456865-001, 464119-142, 464119-143, 464119-162, 464119-362, 464119-363, 484787-001, 490306-001, 491278-001, 491279-001, 491654-001, 491657-001, 496897-001, 500764-001, 500765-001, 51870-001, 513129-121, 513129-141, 513129-421, 572186-001, 572187-001, 572188-001, 572189-001, 572190-001, 572191-001, hp Compaq dd08, hp Compaq dd08063, hp Compaq gj655aa, hp Compaq gj655aa#abh, hp Compaq hstnn-fb51, hp Compaq hstnn-fb52, hp Compaq hstnn-i39c, hp Compaq hstnn-i40c, hp Compaq hstnn-i48c-a, hp Compaq hstnn-i48c-b, hp Compaq hstnn-i49c, hp Compaq hstnn-i50c-b, hp Compaq hstnn-i54c, hp Compaq hstnn-i64c-5, hp Compaq hstnn-i65c-5, hp Compaq hstnn-ib51, hp Compaq hstnn-ib52, hp Compaq hstnn-ib55, hp Compaq hstnn-lb51, hp Compaq hstnn-lb52, hp Compaq hstnn-ob52, hp Compaq hstnn-ob62, hp Compaq ku532aa, hp Compaq nbp8a97


Covered in Warranty

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defect Only.

Not Covered in Warranty

No Physicall Damage , Mishandling or Burnt Out Part.

Warranty Service Type

Off Site Warranty- Customer will Need to send the Defected Product To the seller at his own expenses for replacement.


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