HP Pavilion Dv4/Dv5 Notebook 6 Cell Battery

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Model No:  KS524AA 

The HP Notebook 6-Cell Battery delivers up to 4 hours battery life, requiring only 2 hours to fully recharge using your AC adaptor (whether notebook is turned on or off)With a second battery you can work, play and watch movies up to twice as long without plugging in
Fit the slim battery profile flush under your PC.

HP batteries are designed for and tested with all compatible HP notebook PCs so HP can deliver the highest quality products, services, and solutions to your home

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Compatible Models

HP G60-200 Series, HP HDX16 Series, HP Pavilion dv4, HP Pavilion dv5 Series, Hp Pavilion Dv5-1000 Series, Hp Pavilion Dv5-2000 Series, HP Pavilion dv6 Series, HP Pavilion dv6-1000 Series, HP Pavilion dv6-2000 Series HP Presario CQ50 Series, HP G61 Series, HP G70-100 Series, HP G71 Series, HP Pavilion G50-100 Series, HP Pavilion G60-100 Series, Hp HP Pavilion HDX X16-1000 Series, HP Presario G50 Series, HP Presario HDX16 Series, HP Pavilion G60 Series, Pavilion G60-230US, HP Pavilion G70 Series, Pavilion G70-250us, Compaq Presario CQ40 Series, Presario CQ41-100 Series, Presario CQ45 Series, Presario CQ50 Series, Presario CQ61 SeriesPresario CQ71 Compaq Presario CQ60-100 Series, Compaq Presario CQ70 Series, Compaq Presario CQ70-100 Series, Compaq Presario CQ60 Series

Compatible Part No's

462889-121 , 462889-421 , 462890-151 , 462890-161 , 462890-251 , 462890-541 , 462890-751 , 462890-761 , 482186-003 , 484170-001 , 484170-002 , 484171-001 , 485041-001 , 485041-003 , 487296-001 , 487354-001 , 497694-001 , 498482-001 , EV06055 , HSTNN-CB72 , HSTNN-CB73 , HSTNN-DB72 , HSTNN-DB73 , HSTNN-IB72 , HSTNN-IB73 , HSTNN-LB72 , HSTNN-LB73 , HSTNN-UB72 , HSTNN-UB73 , HSTNN-XB72 , HSTNN-XB73 , KS524AA



204.8 x 53 x 20.5mm


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