Acer B120 Power Bank Green-5W.11991.761


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Acer B120 is a portable power bank serving as backup power supply for mobile devices. The power bank supplies sufficient charging capacity when mobile devices are running at low batteries. Built-in with lithium-ion batteries, this product provides high performance as well as environmental friendliness. Application wise, this portable charger can be used for recharging digital, mobile devices including smart phones, tablet PCs, handheld video game consoles (PSP, NDSI, NDSL), e-books, portable MP3/4/5 players, digital cameras, USB pen-recorders, GPS and other USB-interfaced multimedia devices. Another environmental feature of this power bank is that the built-in batteries can be recharged when the device is connected to a computer via USB connection or to a power jack via supplied power adapter. Safety wise, the power bank is engineered with safety protections to prevent problems such as short circuit, over-charging and leakage from happening.

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