HP PA850A External MultiBay 


HP PA850A External MultiBay

Product Descriptions

The HP PA850A External MultiBay  Combo Drive can write to CD-R and CD-RW media and read from any industry standard DVD and compact disc media. The HP MBII DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive communicates data and digital audio to the host computer via an ATAPI interface. Users can read DVDs at their desktops, and compile and catalog video, sound, photo, and text files on CDs.

The HP MBII DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive also enables users to share multimedia presentations, archive family records and photos; convert video clips, screen captures, and still images into custom videos; and create custom CD-R discs in minutes. Additionally, the HP MBII DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive can be used for complete data backups to restore data in the event of catastrophic loss.

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